1. Become the single source for both the design and construction of the project
  2. Cooperate with all of the project professionals to design a project plan that efficiently and effectively lowers costs, shortens schedules, and reduces waste while meeting and exceeding standards of quality and sustainability

Pre-Construction Consulting

  1. Pre-planning: design development, scheduling, estimating, and management plans
  2. Develop budgets and schedules
  3. Define project scope and plans
  4. Conduct environmental and sustainability analyses
  5. Prepare bids and review bidders
  6. Choose the most qualified bidders

General Construction

We have experience completing a variety of construction projects:

  1. Parks and Recreation
  2. Industrial
  3. Residential
  4. Commercial
  5. Educational
  6. Institutional
  7. Historic
  8. Civic
  9. Healthcare

Project Management

  1. Control and monitor all costs, including materials, sub-contractor costs, labor, and fees
  2. Communicate all decisions clearly and quickly to keep everyone informed and coordinated
  3. Day-to-day, onsite monitoring of the work to ensure quality and cost control

Construction Management

  1. Provide experienced general contractor
  2. Create and maintain construction schedules
  3. Apply comprehensive project controls to manage the scope of the project, the time and costs constraints, and the quality and safety aspects of the project

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