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Southwest Corporation offers various bid opportunities to qualified vendors and subcontractors in the greater Austin Area and especially encourages all City of Austin MBE & WBE contractors/vendors to submit proposals for all Bid Opportunities.


AFD Locker Room Project Phase 6 - Fire Station #9

Southwest Corporation is the Design-Builder for AFD Locker Room Phase 6 project and will be accepting bids for the renovation of six (6) fire stations in Austin.

Please contact our office for additional details and information.



Southwest Corporation is the Design-Builder for the AFD Locker Room Project Phase 6. Southwest Corporation is accepting competitive proposals for the expansion and general renovation of Fire Station # 09 - the primary goal of the renovation is to provide gender equitable and accessible facilities, separate sleeping quarters and adjacent separate bath/shower rooms. The fire station will require abatement, interior demolition, new electrical, mechanical, and plumbing as well as all new interior finishes, doors and windows. The project will be constructed within the City of Austin's Rolling Owner Controlled Insurance Program (ROCIP) and has a project goal to achieve LEED Sliver Certification.

Project is located at: 4301 Speedway, Austin, TX

All Proposals are due prior to December 10, 2020 @ 2:00 p.m. All proposals submitted after 2:00 p.m per Southwest Corporation time clock will be deemed late, and non-responsive.

Proposals can be submitted through Procore, emailed to, faxed to 512.836.1557 or hand delivered to 9809 Beck Circle, Austin, TX 78758.

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